This book is an expose of the hidden powers that are behind the drive of globalization, to bring forth a New World Order. President Franklin Roosevelt once stated, the things that happen in this government do not happen by accident, if they happen, you can bet that they were planned that way. World history is planned far in advance by an invisible government secretly working behind the scenes. We are gradually being transformed from a One Nation under God society, into a One World under Satan society. The Bible, in the book of Daniel, and the book of Revelations, plainly show us that the final kingdom upon this earth is global – a One World Government. This hard hitting little book exposes the dark workings of Political Zionism that were the same evil cynical forces that Christ and the early Church faced, and how today with the false teachings of a pre-tribulation rapture that will only aid the anti-Christ in deceiving the Churches. Some may think that this book is judgmental and anti-Semitic, but this book contains quotes from some of our greatest leaders throughout history who has spoke out about the dangers of this anti-Christ religion of Judaism and its Political Zionism. 

      Through secret organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Tri-Lateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones, and the Freemasons, which most of our politicians, news media journalists, corporate heads, and many colleges are members of, are pushing us into an age of chaos, to destroy the old order of National Sovereignty, and bring forth a new order of Global Communism, to control and enslave the masses on a global plantation. The political Zionistic World Bankers, who are Khazar Jews, or as the Lord refers to them as, the “Synagogue of Satan,” do not hesitate to get us into wars and revolutions to gain more global control. Fighting global terrorism is one of their great ploys today, and to sabotage the United States, to bring us down to a dependent level, so we can never rise up again to be independent of a One World Satanic Dictatorship. Their evil kingdom is to be ruled from Jerusalem.

       The Jewish B’nai B’rith and its Anti- Defamation League are working hard to get hate laws passed by our legislators to silence  truth, about Judaism and this Middle Eastern Israel’s Political Zionistic plan to bring together their New World Order. They are the true perpetrators of a hate crime because they hate the truth. This book reveals the shocking truth of a world conspiracy by the super rich Khazar World Bankers and their tentacles of power in every avenue of our society. Are we to continue to be the dumb goyim (cattle) that the Khazar Jews want us to be, and not know who is controlling our government?