Word from the author: To understand my book one must realize that as a society we have been conditioned with tradition. Most traditions when researched are not held together by truth.  Jesus told the Jewish religious leaders that they had made the Word of God of none effect through their traditions (Mark 7:13) and today we can see how a lot of traditions are not founded on truth. The crowd always follows tradition because it is the most popular way, but truth comes through much study, research and prayer. The purpose of my book is to break down those walls of deceptive traditions and bring forth the light of truth.


This book focuses on seven main points:

1) Why the foundation of Communism is Judaism.

2) Why Israel in the Middle East is not the Holy Land.

3) Why the Jews are not the "Chosen of God."

4) Why the false teachings of a pre-tribulation rapture will help the anti-Christ to deceive the churches.

5) Why the controlling powers are stirring the Christian world against the Muslim world and the Muslim world against the Christian world to bring about a WWIII . 

6) Why We are a Controlled Society and Government

7) Why God Will Once Again Have to Destroy the World

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Also check out the documentary video of how the Synagogue of Satan (Israeli government) treats the Palestinians. We never get this news on our Zionists controlled news medias. To view this 49 minute video go to Google Video and search for "Dispatches: The Killing Zone." Another important video to see on Google Video is "The Israeli Lobby-The influence of AIPAC on U.S." It is a 51 minute video being put out by The American Free Press.

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